Bildal Electricals is the obvious choice of organizations dealing with airport lighting and associated services.

We have products and solutions that guarantee a solid boost in efficiency while improving safety standards across all levels of operations.

With our energy-efficient air field lighting and ground field lighting solutions, you can cut costs and ensure impressive savings. We specialize in incorporating the latest systems available in the airport lighting sector to keep you updated with the emerging technologies in the industry. Our course, our thrust is always on delivering energy that is safe, reliable and environmental-friendly.

Bildal Electricals is a name synonymous with innovative designs that can be customized to match the needs of your airport lighting project. When you choose us, you can benefit from the synergy of the technological superiority and innovation from our global partnerships that we incorporate in our AFL and GFL products.

Another key reason why our clients prefer us is because of our quality and reliability. Our clients know that once we are assigned a project, they can rely on us completely to deliver exactly on time, to the exact specifications and within budget. That we deliver to the highest possible standards of the airfield lighting industry is a tag we proudly carry with us.

Bildal Electricals offers full service solutions for projects of all types and sizes in the airfield lighting products and maintenance areas. We have engineers and professionals with many years of experience and exposure to a wide range of projects and work environments across the world.